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Retreat Testimonials

Here's what others have experienced...


Going on retreat is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. Getting away from busy day-to-day activities, unplugging the electronics, and being silent seems pretty scary at first. Let me tell you, it is the BEST and most RELAXING experience! Tending to one’s own needs and being present to one’s self is a true gift. As if this isn’t enough…it gets better! The food is always healthy, plentiful, and scrumptiously delicious, and the teachings and shared information are profound. Most importantly, the women I have met have literally changed my life. There is a bond that is created during retreats that is unsurpassed. Combining all these factors makes for a wonderful weekend, but in reality it is an experience that is long-lasting and remains in your heart forever. – J.B.F.

I LOVE going on retreat with Janine and Tranquil Flame Yoga! It supports my practice all year long knowing I will have that time to myself with no interruptions. It is necessary for my care and well-being. My experiences during retreats have always been profound.  The teachings are always so amazing and helpful.  Janine gracefully layers and incorporates different modalities which enables me to inquire deeply in a supported, loving environment - it is so powerful and wonderful at the same time. I feel able to hold space for myself and be okay with my "ickiness" and challenges along side by side with my gratitude. The first time around I wasn't so sure how to handle the silence with a bunch of people I know or don't know. But I found how valuable it was in allowing the quietness to embrace me so I can lean in and ultimately have a deeper understanding of myself. It was a lot easier than I imagined it would be!  Janine ultimately holds space for all of us through this journey.  I feel blessed!! - B.B.

Although I had gone on yoga retreats before, they were more social - never silent. I was a bit apprehensive, since I had no idea what to expect and I didn't have much of a meditation practice and not much knowledge regarding the different practices and teachings. Happily, the structure and content of the retreat kept me centered and grounded, and my experience was very meaningful and moving. I felt connected to myself and others, because of the silence. As the weekend went on I relished that silence and the pace of the day. The teachings were presented by Janine in a clear, concise manner that resonated with me. And the environment itself was nurturing and comfortable with delicious and nutritious food, and beautiful surroundings. I look forward to returning again and again to renew and deepen my practice. – M.T.

I first met Janine during a week long meditation retreat where she taught yoga. The yoga component started to change and transform my life. I continued with yoga after the retreat. Shortly afterward, I did a 2 day yoga and meditation retreat led by Janine. This too was transformative. And NOW - this recent 3 day retreat. It was truly beyond what I could have imagined. The care and love Janine quite obviously puts into structuring her retreats is profound. I learned so much about the direction I am now ready to go … and I see my life unfolding in a joyful and peaceful way.


And oh — these retreats are NOT easy — you have to dig deep BUT there is always gold waiting!   - C.B.​

Janine’s Yin/Yang Yoga retreat was an intimate, rich and varied experience.

In the brief time that we had together, we explored yoga, meditation, journaling, dance, silence and sharing.

Through it all Janine offered words of wisdom and advice of her own and of many other teachers she has known.

A wonderfully choreographed retreat!  - J.C.


Janine is an an amazing person with a wealth of information that she shares so willingly, so gently, and effortlessly. Her retreats are so full and so rich. She provides so much for us to experience, yet allows us plenty of time to rest on our own.  I could go on and on!  I'm so appreciative and grateful to have met Janine and attended these retreats.  - C.Z.


The yoga and meditation retreat is a wonderful time to step back and enter within to contemplate what might be released and healed. This is what my vizualization looked like with regard to forgiveness: Amanda (my daughter) and I come together for a ceremony. We each carry a bag/box of resentments and injustices that we feel towards each other. We each throw them off the cliff down into the roaring fire which consumes all. It's over; it's done. Tara offers her hand towards us and raises her other hand in blessing. We feel cleansed; deep sigh, burdens lifted off; deep breath. So Ha; may it be so for ever and ever. - N.G.R.


CLASSES ARE HELD AT THE Point of Pines Yacht Club, 28 Rice Ave., Revere, MA 02151


CLASSES ARE HELD AT THE Point of Pines Yacht Club, 28 Rice Ave., Revere, MA 02151


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