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All ongoing classes are held at the Point of Pines Yacht Club, 28 Rice Avenue, Revere, MA

unless otherwise noted.



  • Yoga means to "yoke" or unite as in body, heart, mind and spirit.

  • Classes are gentle to moderate. Options provided for beginning and experienced students.

  • Each class is unique and includes yin, yang and/or restorative styles of Hatha yoga.

  • Yin yoga is a quiet, deep and passive floor practice while the yang style is vinyasa-based (gentle flow) with a slow and therapeutic approach. Classes often include short meditation practice.

  • Yoga Conditioning is an all Yang (active) class with a focus on overall strength, flexibility and fitness.

  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness is an all Yin meditative class which consciously targets deep tissue health, quietude and reflection.

Shake Your Soul Dance

  • Can exercise be fun and good for you? YES!

  • Move your body, expand your heart, and Shake Your Soul with amazing music in this easy to follow, playful dance-based class. 

  • All ages and sizes welcome. No dance or movement experience necessary.

  • The perfect blend of guided movements and creative exploration. You customize the movement intensity while connecting you to deep joy!


  • Our meditation classes include periods of guided and silent meditation from various traditions and styles.

  • Meditation practice cultivates mindfulness. Mindfulness means having the body, heart, and mind in the same place at the same time, with an open, curious and friendly attitude. We learn to take sacred pauses.

  • Meditation does not mean we should stop our minds from thinking or that we need to fabricate a blissful state. Instead we practice loosening the grip that thinking has on feeling and being. 

  • Since thinking is part of the mind, it is unrealistic to stop thinking. If we tried to stop thinking we would always struggle with meditation. Thinking will happen; HOW we relate to the thinking IS something we can affect.

CLASSES ARE HELD AT THE Point of Pines Yacht Club, 28 Rice Ave., Revere, MA 02151


CLASSES ARE HELD AT THE Point of Pines Yacht Club, 28 Rice Ave., Revere, MA 02151




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Point of Pines Yacht Club ~ 28 Rice Ave, Revere, MA 02151